Dosing and Weighing Systems KSE Alfra

KSE is a Dutch manufacturer of dosing and weighing systems Alfra. KSE manufactures several types of dosing and weighing systems, with different dosing ranges, different weighing accuracy and different numbers of dosing silos. All systems use dosind grid slides.

The operating principle relies on activating the material above the dosing grid slide by means of a reciprocating movement in order to improve the flow. Each material has different flow properties, it is therefore important to adjust the flow opening to take account of this. Three different flow openings are used in succession in the proportioning cycle, in order to arrive at the desired and weight. The coarse setting sets the discharge capacity, the next main setting ensures that the flow of material is retarded. Accuracy is then obtained with the fine setting.

Advantages of dosing grid slides

  • high proportioning accuracy without affecting the high capacity
  • large discharge area which ensures mass-flow and helps to prevent bridging in the silos
  • responds in a programmed manner to differences in flow properties
  • activates the flow by a reciprocating movement of grid slides
  • gentle action discharge, no product damage
  • principle first-in / first-out
  • dustproof design
  • cost efficient in energy consumption and maintenance
  • minimum height required to build in the slides

Types of dosing and weighing systems

  • MCD – dosing range 0,02-30 kg, weighing accuracy 1-5 g, number of silos 8-48
  • FCD – dosing range 0,02-100 kg, weighing accuracy 1-20 g, number of silos 4-48
  • FCCD – dosing range 0,02-100 kg, weighing accuracy 1-20 g, number of silos 4-24
  • KCD – dosing range 1-100 kg, weighing accuracy 10-20 g, number of silos 8-24
  • GCD – dosing range 2-1000 kg, weighing accuracy 20-200 g, number of silos 6-24
  • BCD – dosing range 20-2000 kg, weighing accuracy 200-500 g, number of silos 4-16
  • LBW – dosing range 10-6000 kg, weighing accuracy 100-2000 g, number of silos 6-40
  • BUV – moveable bulk weigher for dispatch bins, dosing range 1-10000 kg, number of silos according to requirement


  • KSE
  • Process Technology BV
  • Rondweg 27
  • 5531 AJ Bladel
  • The Netherlands