Pelleting Lines PTN

PTN, a leading European company, which has specialised in designing and manufacturing of complete pelleting lines for the applications in the feed mill, recycling and biomass industries.

Progress Pelletmill

PTN developed and improved their Pelletmills with ring die in many different sizes, with dies diameter up to 1100 mm and capacities up to 30 t/h. Standard versions are with two electromotors, alternative design is with one electromotor. Die speed can be selected from 4,5 m/s to max. 8 m/s, depending on processed material. The heavy mainshaft with rollers is dimensioned for 2 or 3 rollers, new development is only with one roller. The automatic roller adjustment is well known in the market and it is operating by one oil cylinder. Quick die change, which reduces the change-over time of dies to 15 minutes, is possible as option.

Retention Time Barrel

To achieve a very long retention time in combination with a high temperature, PTN developed the Retention Time Barrel. Better feed quality and elimination of bacteria will be achieved by operating at critical temperatures and extended retention times. The flow of the meal being conditioned is on principle first in / first out.

BOA Compactor

Compactor improves feed quality in combination with a much higher capacity. This is a super conditioning machine which is placed before a pelletmill. It is possible to add liquids like fat, water, molasses and to add steam on the mixing part of the BOA Compactor. In the front side of the machine the mechanical friction takes place to reach a good homogenous product before it comes to the pelletmill.

Other equipment PTN

  • Feeder Screw
  • Mixer /Conditioner
  • Counterflow Cooler
  • Crumbler
  • Super Rotor Sifter


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