Multi-Purpose Continuous Driers

Multi-Purpose Continuous Driers Alvan Blanch are designed for drying any grainy, stalky and bulk materials and products. Intake of stalky and bulk materials (alfalfa, woodchip, sugar beet pulp etc.) takes place in the feed ramp via loader or belt conveyor. Intake of grains then takes place in the separate hopper same as in Continuous Grain Driers.

Benefits provided by technical solution of Multi-Purpose Continuous Driers

  • low-heat system – preserves color and quality of dried crops and materials
  • gentle and safe drying – low risk of crops and materials damage
  • no downtime between crops – follow-on without emptying/refilling/cleaning
  • step-less auto speed control – instant response for optimum accuracy
  • highly fuel efficient – possibility of recovery of waste heat from cooling section
  • low fire risk – no dirt cumulating, good accessibility
  • minimal environmental impact – low profile, low noise, dust controlled
  • built to last – proven longevity enhanced by new anti-corrosion finish

Uniquely versatile

No other driers are able to dry as big variety of crops and materials as the Multi-Purpose Single Flow Driers are. Intake moisture on dried plants, crops and materials can be up to 80% with length of particles up to 100 mm.

Heating of drying air

Different types of heating can be used – gas or oil burners, biomass furnaces, water heat exchangers for using waste heat from biogas plants or steam heat exchangers.

Installation and pre-assembly

Multi-Purpose Continuous Driers are produced and delivered in separate parts, which are assembled into one machine in place of using. Smaller models can be delivered in one piece ready from factory including wiring of motors and switches. Installation in place of using is quick and consists only of assembling the grain hopper, roof sheets, gearbox and a few other parts.


  • Alvan Blanch
  • Development Co. Ltd.
  • Chelworth, Malmesbury
  • Wiltshire, SN16 9SG
  • United Kingdom