Paddle Mixers and Hammer Mills Dinnissen

Manufacturer of machines and equipment for feed, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Pegasus® Paddle Mixer

Twin Shaft Paddle Mixers are an important part of the company's production programme. With volumes from 10 to 11000 litres they can reach a mixing rate of 1:100 000 in 20 to 50 seconds. The design of the mixers allows discharging without any leftovers, thus preventing any cross-contamination of mixtures. The mixers are made from high-quality mild steel or stainless steel.

Pegasus® Vacuum Coater

Spraying of liquid additives into feed or other products by a vacuum paddle mixer allows to achieve a very high content of these additives in the product, at the extruded product to the range 30-40%.

Hamex® Hammermills

Horizontal Hammermills for standard and very fine grinding of raw materials to a particle size of 150 microns. Hammermills are also well-suited for grinding of raw materials with a high fat content. There is available a special design with a fully automatic sieve exchanger.

Other Dinnissen products

  • Thermidor® equipment for thermal treatment of solids
  • Continuous paddle mixers
  • Horizontal ribbon mixers
  • Lump breakers
  • Centrifugal sifters
  • Bulk material conveyors
  • Continuous dosing systems
  • Dima® Bag-emtying machines
  • Depalletisers and bag-separation
  • Big-Bag filling stations


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