Universal Elevators Simatek

The company Simatek from Denmark specializes in the production of universal elevators for extremely gentle and lossless conveying of bulk products. They use a modular system which allows for a wide variety of horizontal and vertical conveying combinations on a single conveyor. The buckets are suspended in pegs between two parallel running chains and are kept in a horizontal position from filling to emptying. If necessary, the horizontal part of the conveyor may be fitted with more remotely controlled intermediate outlets. 

Universal elevators may be used in the feed, petfood, food and chemical industry and also in the manufacturing industry. Simatek conveyors are also suitable for the conveying of extremely fragile products (such as potato chips) or abrasive materials (such as fly ash or crushed marble). For applications in the food industry, the elevators are available in a sanitary design made from stainless steel. Capacities of the elevators are up to 120 m3/h.


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