Square Steel Silos TSC

Top Silo Constructions (TSC) is a silo supplier and has been focusing on the design and construction of rectangular steel silo installations. As a square silo manufacturer TSC has completed numerous projects around the world. These product prove our knowledge in the area of bulk and solids storage, day in day out.

Smooth wall bins

If there is one unique feature of the TSC square silos it is the ultra-smooth walls. Even the outlet of the most challenging products is problem free. A smart design ensures that you will not find any weldings inside the bins, without any tradeoff for the silo strength.

  • optimal product outlet
  • no weld seams in the silo
  • hygienic dust arm working environment
  • no undesired mixing of products between bins
  • tailor made, flexible modular construction
  • very solid and smart design
  • optional bin coating or stainless steel bin

Profiled wall bins

Is maximum storage capacity of great importance? Then a profiled wall silo could certainly be an interesting solution. By having a rectangular construction and a single wall system you are able to take fully advantage of your available space. The smart corrugated profile ensures the required strength.

  • light construction due to single walls
  • very solid due to smart corrugated profile
  • tailor made, flexible modular construction
  • optional galvanise panels


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