Complete Feedmills Ottevanger

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a leading European company in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete installations for the grain-processing and mixed-feed industries. Over the last few decades Ottevanger has carried out a large number of projects worldwide: equipment and installations for mixed feeds, premixes, additives, fish food, pet food, flour mills and the processing of grains and seeds.

Conventional plants

The company focuses on turn-key projects, in which complete installations are supplied tailor-made to meet the requirements of the customer.  All Ottevanger installations can be optimised to suit specific situations and requirements. Most of the equipment is manufactured in-house so the company has full control during the construction of the project. Solutions are based on proven, new ways of thinking with the aim of creating an innovative project design with a great deal of attention to safety, hygiene and energy consumption.

Containerised mills

Ottevanger has brought innovative technology to the market with its design of animal-feed plants that are made from units built as standard 20-ft containers. The entire electrical installation and control are part of the design, which can be expanded to include a fully computer-controlled system. The complete installation is pre-assembled in the Netherlands in the container frames. Ottevanger's container plants are suitable for the production of various types of feed for cattle, poultry, pigs and fish with these advantages:

  • all components reliable and tested
  • minimum installation time on site
  • low freight costs and easy handling
  • complete with support frame
  • complete with all electrical and compressed air systems
  • assembled and checked in factory before despatch
  • low building and energy costs
  • proved concept with many outstanding references


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