Mixers, Hammer Mills and Sifters Wynveen

Wynveen International BV develops and manufactures high-quality equipment and complete installations for the grain processing, animal feed, pet food and aqua feed industry. Food and feed producers worldwide use these systems to produce food for people and animals. The company focuses on turnkey projects, delivering complete, made-to-measure installations. Wynveen specialists based at modern, professionally equipped factory in Heteren (Netherlands) use state-of-the-art technologies to design and manufacture a comprehensive range of products.

Hammer Mills

Hammer mills from Wynveen are extremely efficient and the product of many years of development work and experience. Capacities of 5-50 t/h depend on type of product, screen perforation and moisture content of the product.

Double Shaft Paddle Mixers

These mixers type DPMA realize high mixing capacity with relatively small mixer content. The double shaft paddle mixer DPMA has a mixing time, depending on the product type and quantity, from 30 to 60 seconds. The success of this fast mixing principle is a result of the fluidized zone, in which the particles have a complete freedom of movement. The mixers are available with capacities from 500 to 20.000 liters. The mixing accuracy meets the very stringent requirements, while damage to products is prevented because of extra wide bomb doors. This ensures a residue and dust free design, due to unique sealing principle.

Cryloc Rotary Screens

It’s hard to imagine the grain and bulk processing industry without the use of the Cryloc rotary screens. In the cylindrical housing one or two specially formed screens separate the fine particles from the incoming product. Maximum 10% fines at the inlet results in less than 1% in the finished product (fines are smaller than 2/3 of the pellet diameter). The wide capacity range makes the Cryloc rotary screen an essential sifter for the dry cereal processing industry. The two screen decks are specially designed for hammer mills, which grind on different sieve perforations, or in combination with a crumbler. 


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