Extruders Extrugroup

Extrugroup is one of the world's leading specialists in the engineering and manufacturing of twin screw extrusion machinery and peripheral equipment for the production of pet snacks and confectionery.

Extrugroup is well-known for the unique continuous production lines and tailor-made components, such as cooking-, mixing- and forming extruders, DiemixesŸ, DieswitchŸ, rotary, co-extrusion and fixed dies, cooling tunnels, sugar sanders and cutters which are used by confectionery and pet food market leaders all over the world.

Advanced technology and new innovations constantly increase the number of applications that result in unique advantages for every company and its products:

  • all processes in-line
  • all our products are customized solutions for each client and its products
  • highest production yield
  • at all times a consistent final product and minimal waste
  • changing from one product, color or shape to another within minutes
  • endless possibilities in shapes and in combinations of up to 6 colors and flavors
  • use of co-extrusion to create sugar filled products
  • less labor cost, reducing the total cost dramatically
  • self-cleaning, so more hygienic and again less labor intensive
  • more than 100% longer lifecycle of the machinery
  • dies enable production of licorice, fruit snacks, fruit gum, caramels, chewy candy and semi-moist pet snacks with almost endless possibilities


  • Extrugroup BV
  • De Factorij 40
  • 1689 AL Zwaag
  • The Netherlands
  • extrugroup.com