Flaking Systems and Others

Alvan Blanch have been designing and manufacturing feed milling machinery for over 50 years. After initially concentrating on the on-farm milling sector to produce mash, with options of pellets or extruded feed for poultry, livestock and aquaculture our product range and experience has grown to include commercial feed milling plants and steam flaking systems.

Flaking systems

Flaking systems and flaking mills are designed for a range of cereals and other materials. The correct selection of the process equipment will depend on the material to be flaked, and the type of flake to be produced. Take-up of moisture into the grain is essential for successful flaking, and this is achieved by the selection of the steam chest to provide the necessary retention time, with in some cases the need to add water and temper the grain first. For high quality, thin, flakes as used for instance for dairy cows, precise pre-cleaning of the grain to remove oversize, undersize, and dust is essential. Removal of stones protect the surfaces of the rolls, leading to longer life, and prevents contamination of the flakes.

Meal Batch Mixers

The Alvan Blanch Mixer is ideal for blending a wide range of dry products of varying densities, meal, rolled grain, cake, pellets, dried beet pulp, vitamin/mineral premix and proportions of moist products such as brewers grains. Liquid molasses may also be introduced in ratios of up to 10%, if evenly applied. Batch volume is from 1,3 m3 up to 6,5 m3.

Roller Mills

Mills are supplied fully assembled and ready to work. Roll setting is quick and simple with over centre lever and eight different locking positions - offering a full range of crush levels on all crops. Feed rate is easily adjusted using the sliding gate, referring to the ammeter provided to optimize motor loading.

Other processing solutions

Alvan Blanch custom designs and manufacture vegetable oil and biodiesel processing machinery, complete mobile fruit plants, complete rice processing equipment and plants, equipment for processing organic waste and many other fields of activity.


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