Continuous Grain Driers

Alvan Blanch manufactures horizontal Continuous Grain Driers with double-flow system of drying in big range of scales and capacities, this solution with louvered bed and trace chain provides gentle and equal drying.

Benefits provided by technical solution of Continuous Grain Driers

  • uniquely versatile – handles any granular crop in any condition
  • unbeatable performance – even at low temperatures thanks to boosted air flow
  • precise and consistent drying without streaming and with full inversion of bed
  • no downtime between crops – follow-on without emptying/refilling/cleaning
  • step-less auto speed control – instant response for optimum accuracy
  • highly fuel efficient – total recovery of waste heat from cooling section
  • low fire risk – no dirt cumulating, good accessibility
  • minimal environmental impact – low profile, low noise, dust controlled
  • Very fast and simple assembly, minimal demands on civil works
  • built to last – proven longevity enhanced by new anti-corrosion finish

Mobile version of Continuous Grain Driers

Continuous Grain Driers up to capacity 34 t/h of drying wheat are delivered also in two mobile versions – one only for at-farm transports and other for public roads with speed up to 30 km/h and hydraulic brakes and lights.

Heating of drying air

Different types of heating can be used – gas or oil burners, biomass furnaces, water heat exchangers for using waste heat from biogas plants or steam heat exchangers.

Pre-assembled for fast installation

The driers are delivered in one piece, with just feed hopper, roof sheets and gearbox and a few parts to be fitted on site. All motors and switches are pre-wired to a junction box.


  • Alvan Blanch
  • Development Co. Ltd.
  • Chelworth, Malmesbury
  • Wiltshire, SN16 9SG
  • United Kingdom